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Private View

January 15 – February 8, 2009

Alekos Fassianos
The Freedom of Painting

Throughout time, each moment of inspiration is different - but it expresses the same truth. And this moment is the absolute expression of freedom. Yet this is the hard thing - to express oneself freely. It is only attained through struggle. Freedom does not mean doing useless, arbitrary things. A restless painter, Hadoulis manages to find freedom through his own quests. His foliages and his landscapes, lush with colour and light, record reality in his own way. And they are painted with fleeting brush strokes, as if they were made on their own. This is what's great about it: that which is not hand-made. And the entire world was created without hands. Automatically. In these paintings on paper Hadoulis demonstrates his freedom. In a heady, divine way, with his brush, with only a few colours, the basic ones, he brings to life for υs the angels that come down from heaven. Leaves and flowers, chairs, friends at the seaside and pergolas out in the open. All this with swift, sure moves. Because that's the only way to capture the truth - otherwise it gets lost. Hadoulis knows the way to his aim. I congratulate you for your painting!

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